Thursday, June 30, 2011

WOOOOO, it's been a while..

So... I'm now 18 weeks, 19 weeks on Tuesdayyy! I found out whether out not we're having a boy or girl on July 14th! SO excited, you have no idea.. Here's our most recent sonogram!

It's big ol' head on the right side, aaand it's feet all curled up on the left side. <3 LOOOVE!
That's my 16 week sonogram!

and Now, here's my most recent tummy pic!

This is a pic of my tummy as of 18 weeks. <3 gettin' big! and here's another 18 week tummy pic,..

pretty much the same, buut it's got me and Harrison's hands on my tummmy. <3 I love it. <3

And so just other updates that aren't to do with the beebs, took my CNA state test today to get my CNA license.. PASSED! and I'll get the license in the mail within a week or so. So that's pretty exciting. Been working a few days out of the week with my dad, and getting paid for it now rather than volunteering. Harrison is working on getting his gunsmithing license, and he's working two jobs. He's made some amazing accomplishments and I'm more proud of him than I have ever been of anyone. He's going to be one amazing dadddy and husband and I love him more than anything in this world. He's amazing and I seriously don't know where I would be without that man in my life. <3 I'm happy with my life, I love my family and friends so much. <3

Baby shower is in August in Illinois, my Colorado shower will be in July more than likely. Which... is like... this month.. Starts tomorrrow! Then 14 days from today we get to find out the sex of the baby, then soon after that will do the Colorado shower, August - Illinois shower. Akldsjfaksdhue! SO EXCITED! The thing im most excited about is getting to see what the baby looks like!!! Bleh! Alright, bedtime for meee! It's getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow. So for anyone who cares, I LOVE HARRISON! <333333

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tomorrow I'll be 12 weeks!

UPDAAAATE! I'm not working at the dry cleaners anymore.. Thank the Lord.. Today was my second doctor's appointment and we we'rent suppose to get an ultrasound.. We were only suppose to hear the babys heart beat.. But Harrison asked the doctor if we could do a sono anyways and she said yes! So we got our second sonogram today and she gave us NINE pictures!!! <3 Our baby has changed so incredibly much. <3 Here's one of the sonograms...

This is a side view of our adorable little beebers. <3 He/she was sucking his/her thumb. We could see him/her moving around and moving it's hand and jumping around and trying to flip over. It was the most amazing thing ever. <3 Here's another sono. It's crazy looking. <3

In this sono it's like looking at the babys butt and the bottoms of the babys legs. Now, keep in mind that I'm only 12 weeks, but look between it's little legs.. looks like boy partttts! The doctor said from her experience this would be a little boy, but for us to not get our hopes up just in case. :P But it's still crazy and amazing and .. ugh I'm SO IN LOVE with this baby and he/she isn't even born yet. <3

Here's one last picture..

This is the same sono at the first picutre on here, but Jessica edited it for me. <3 I loveee it! So as of right now, the names we've picked and have actually agreed on is, Michael William and Kylie Nicole. <3 There's always that chance they could change never know! :P

Alright bedtime for me! OH! and just so you all know, I LOVE my cna school. <3

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exciting Stuff!

Lots of new stuff goin' on! Today I'm 11 weeks pregnant. <3 Our baby is the size of a plum now! He/she is 4 cm long and weighs .25 oz. <3

That's my little baby bump!
And I'm wearing my new shirt! My cousin Jeff and his wife Ashley and their daughter Dakota got it for me!

It's backwards because it's a mirror picture. LOL! It says "New Mom 2011." Jessica has this shirt too! :P

And another new exciting thing; Tomorrow I start school! I'm going to be getting my CNA license so I can get a better paying job for my little one. <3
So, May 31st will be my last day working at the dry cleaners and it'll be the day I get my CNA license! Then hopefully not too long after that, I'll have a CNA job! I'm really excited!

OH! OH! and Sunday, May 8th... MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY! :D

There's me and Harrison on my first mothers day. We went to Georgetown for the day with my dad and Natalie!

Here's a picture of me and my daddy!!! :D

And last but not least, me and my stepmomma on mothers day in Georgetown! <3

That's all for now! I'm super excited and super nervous about school tomorrow. I gotta go find what outfit to wearr! :D

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Am I?

This is my first blog! I'm excited about it. :] My bestie Jess got me to make one!

So, just a little about me.. My name's Mariah. I'm engaged to the love of my life and my best friend (even though he doesn't think we should be best friends if we're "lovers" because he has a best friend.. And it's a dude). We just recently found out that we're going to be parents in about 7 months! We're both very excited. The even more exciting thing about that is, my bestie Jess is also having a baby and we're due two days apart! And a bunch of my other friends from Illinois are pregnant, too!

Oh, yeah.. I'm originally from Illinois. Born and raised. Moved to Colorado a little over a year ago. Best choice I ever made.

Anyways.. I've been with Harrison for 5 years. I have a little brother and sister that I love dearly. My dad is my BEST friend in the entire world. I tell him anything and everything. We get along so well, constantly laughing and smiling and having a good time with him. <3

That's my dadddy! I'm the biggest daddy's girl you'll ever meet. <3

This is me and my fiance, Harrison. <3

So, that's a little about me. Enough for a while, I'm exhausted so it's bedtime. Goodnight!!

Ps. I think I'm liking the blogging already!